About Me

Hello this part of the website will teach you how to use roblox bedwars controls (this is pc only)

[E] Opens/closes the inventory.
[F] Interact.
[LMB] Attack/use/place held item or block.
[RMB] Quick buy in the shop
[Q]/[BACKSPACE] Drop held item or block.
[R] Active the backpack's ability.
[CTRL] Activate camera/shift lock.
[SHIFT] Toggles sprint while held down.
[1] - [9] Selects the appropriate hotbar slot.
[X] Pops a balloon/exit the camera turret on a tablet/Upgrade the flamethrower/Explode raven/Dismount hoverboard.
[TAB] Opens the TabList.
[T] Plays the player's equipped emote.
[A] Switches to the previous Camera Turret on a tablet.
[D] Switches to the next Camera Turret on a tablet.
[G] Dismounts a Dodo Bird.
[Z]/[V] Use kit ability. (Requires kits with this kind of control).